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Oh Bonnie

Dear friends, I would like to introduce you to Bonnie Prince Billy. He is an artist in every meaning of the word. I treat his music like a precious piece of clothing that you only wear on special occasions. I don’t want to overlisten or ruin it with the wrong connotations.

A few weeks ago, I was there on his concert in Paris and it was just perfect. Not only did his performance of ‘Break of day’ bring me to tears, he provided me with newfound wisdom:

Go folks, Go forth. Trust your brain, trust your body.”


Confessing color

Ophelia lingerie skin

In Dutch we have a saying “to confess color”, which means to convey your point of view.

Well, my colors say it all.
I am working on my new collection, inspired by skin.

Skin, both yours and mine, is a rich source of inspiration.
Look at the color of the veins, the textures of the wounds, the redness of a blush…

Is it not telling a story?

My breasts and brain thank you

We are celebrating the 100th year of the bra! As far as I am concerned this is a most joyous event in our history.

The bra was invented as a solution for the restrictiveness of the corset, because women wanted to be able to move. This eagerness to dance is something I can only support. Unfortunately, even today, woman still feel captured. While reading articles about this impactful event, everyone seemed to have something bad to say about the bra.

As a lingerie designer I see a challenge. Let’s make sure the bra’s next birthday is one without the backtalk.
So to all you bra-wearing, -loving, -admiring creatures, do not hesitate to comment your thoughts about this crafty invention.

When a man loves a woman

Ophelialingerie for ine

Designing lingerie as a present from a man for his woman, is a privilege. I love capturing
the romance and tenderness of their relationship.
This design was a result of such interaction.

There were three keywords I chose for this design: softness, stylish and mystery.
In my opinion, these words describe the beautiful wife I made it for.

As a result the silhouettes play with visibility and light.
The slipdress shows of some beautiful lace in a very delicate way,
while the silk kimono invites you in with his see-through seams and back-window.

ophelialingerie for ine2
ophelialingerie for ine4

ophelialingerie for ine3

One more for the seats in the back

rachel gruijters for ophelia lingerie

These photographs are too good not to share with you.

I wish they were to be published in a magazine, because they would look even better on paper.

(So Kwintessens, if you are reading this…)

IMG_0199 kopie
IMG_0186 kopie
IMG_0234 kopie

Remember Rachel Gruijters

rachel gruijters for ophelialingerie

Remember the artist/friend I wrote about? Remember me telling you that she was extremely talented?

Well, she did it again.
With her camera-magic she elevated Ophelialingerie to a new level.

Enjoy these pictures and then enjoy her website www.rachelyves.com



atelier Ophelialingerie
I emptied my atelier in Antwerp, packed my things and arrived in Paris.

If anyone asks, I am ‘créateur de la lingerie’.

Paying my debts

purple ophelialingerie

My time in Antwerp is ending, so I have to tie up all my loose ends.

The last months it has been great to have a model on stand-by and it was time to pay her for her services.
This payment was not to be made in money, but in this beautiful made-to-measure lingerie set.

This is my way of saying thank you.

Mastering the balconette

la balconette

Since I am moving to Paris in a little over a week, I felt I had to make a bra that is the most French of them all:

la balconette.

Its seductive elegance has given shape to beautiful women of all times.

Show some skin

show some skin ophelialingerie

I took these pictures in the spirit of ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’. Because this week, I have decided I will work on a collection. Although I have enjoyed working on individual pieces/stories the last few months, it is time to create a range of one idea.

The starting point is very simple: skin.
To tell this story of the base of beauty, I need you.

So all you followers, supporters, likers and haters, let’s show some skin.
Please take a picture of your purest self, add a note, story, song… and send it to info@ophelialingerie.be.

I need you for inspiration.