What did she wear?

She wore a beautiful white dress, very simple, very well cut. Very elegant.

Did she have a veil?

… yes. Yes, she did. She did.

How does it feel when you get married?


I think it’s a very special moment when you see your bride walking up to you.

I remember it very well.

What did you think?

I thought she was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Her brother had to give her away, her father died ten years ago. So her brother was there and everyone in quilts, it was very nice. But, apparently, to the… when you have the big doors to the church, and they open, you have a metal for it to click. She caught her dress on it and it almost ripped. Her godmother, she caught it just in time. That would have been… Not unless it all came off. … And, she wore very nice underwear.

listening >< wispering // (f)luisteren is a series of conversations with men about their woman. Through their words, I form an image of their significant other. This results in lingerie that can be seen as a tribute of love.