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New horizons


I have been very quiet on this blog lately.

The reason? It is time for the next step.

In the last few months I have been working on my first commercial collection. This evolution of creating multiple designs in different sizes changed my work process completely. That is why documenting it on this blog has not felt natural anymore.

I hope you will join me on social media, where you can see the whole collection.
Every design has a name that origins from the stories of Anaïs Nin, her Delta of Venus inspired me more than you can imagine. Hopefully it inspires you a little too.

Instagram @ophelialingerie

on 1st of October the online shop will open on http://www.ophelialingerie.be


The danger of minimalism

Bijou ophelialingerie

Today my hart stopped.

This beautiful piece of craftsmanship was thrown out by my downstairs neighbor, because it did not match her minimalistic furniture. After the initial heartbreak, I was inspired to do a shoot with the broken wooden panels.

I hope the result is proof that minimalistic design goes hand in hand with memories of the past.

Staring at a puzzle

staring at a puzzle ophelialingerie

Making lingerie is like solving a puzzle.

When the workroom is filled with little pieces, just waiting to form that perfect fit, it is up to me to make no mistakes.

This garter-to-be has been lying in my atelier for a few months now. I have been quiet on this blog, hoping for the puzzle to solve itself.

What is my next step?

I have returned from my time in Paris and finally found the time to work on my own. I must admit, it has been more challenging than I would like you to know. Every beginning is slow, there are mistakes to correct and changes to be made. This summer, I would love to start selling my hand sewn lingerie. And trust me, I have been working hard to make this a reality.

Will I make it? Stay tuned…

Inspiration on a platter

jeanne lanvin

Inspiration is never hard to find in Paris. This weekend it was most present at the Jeanne Lanvin exhibition at Palais Galliera.

The embroidery bibles and hand sewn silk beauties made me dream of more patient days.

It’s oh so quiet

ophelia lingerie skin1There has been a period of silence.
While creating new pieces of lingerie I have found a way of breaking it, not by screaming, but by whispering.

Listen to the gentle lace, the soft colors, the easiness of the silhouette.

This is the first piece of my skin collection.

A Belgian in Paris

dirk braeckman

27.1 / 21.7 / 023 / 2014  Dirk Braeckman (http://www.dirkbraeckman.be )

There is a strange sensation that comes with visiting the exhibition of a Belgian photographer in Paris. I felt proud of both his accomplishment and my own nationality. You should know that I am probably not entitled to this emotion,
since I have no connection to the artist himself.

Or do I?

While reading his words, I felt my own thoughts coming together. This is what he said:

“I prefer images that aren’t easily deciphered by the observer. This can be a visual obstacle, a blind spot in the representation
as though somehow, during the creative process, certain details had disappeared, information had been lost, meanings destroyed.
I like this obstructiveness because it forces the observer to rely solely on his own perception.”

This obstruction of sight, this playing with showing and hiding is exactly what I do while designing lingerie.


ophelialingerie sketch

Sketching is a moment when time stands still, when impossible becomes possible, when imagination is king.

The power of a boob

madame gres ophelia lingerie

Madame grès by Ophelialingerie

A woman’s breast seems to contain some magic.

You can hardly visit a museum without seeing some of these painted or sculpted wonders. In every time and age, artists have been inspired by this womanly feature.

There is often talk about men being obsessed with and woman being reduced to them. But let’s not forget their beauty. Breasts exist in all forms and sizes and they are is not only attractive for men.

I personally find breasts entrancing and have dedicated my work on making them as comfortable and lovely as possible. Their uniqueness influences my aesthetics constantly, resulting in lingerie as a surplus, not a cover-up.

Meet the inspirations


Art – Louis Reith (http://louisreith.com/)
Necklace – Lobogato (http://www.lobogato.com/)

I hope my new collection will be inspiring, but it is definitely inspired. After deciding on skin as the main theme for the silhouettes,
I found this artist I grew to love. His geometric softness is like lingerie on paper.
Please meet Louis Reith.

What also keeps inspiring me are the twenties, les années folles. No decade better owns its frivole modernity.
I am drawn to this idea of skin like undies, overworn with partially transparent blackness.

Repetition is reputation

ophelialingerie repetition is reputationI heard this quote in an interview with a designer and have been wondering about it ever since.
While walking through the streets of Paris have tried
to get a clear vision on the subject. But I must admit: my head is still clouded.
This question seems too hard to answer.

“When does repetition give you reputation, knowing that reputation makes customers?


when does repetition stand in the way of innovation?”

Having your own unique, yet recognizable, style is something to strive towards, but innovation often loses it’s power
after repetition. So, repetition might make reputation, but innovation is what makes good design.
If only one is possible, I choose to be innovative.