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Month: June, 2015

The danger of minimalism

Bijou ophelialingerie

Today my hart stopped.

This beautiful piece of craftsmanship was thrown out by my downstairs neighbor, because it did not match her minimalistic furniture. After the initial heartbreak, I was inspired to do a shoot with the broken wooden panels.

I hope the result is proof that minimalistic design goes hand in hand with memories of the past.


Staring at a puzzle

staring at a puzzle ophelialingerie

Making lingerie is like solving a puzzle.

When the workroom is filled with little pieces, just waiting to form that perfect fit, it is up to me to make no mistakes.

This garter-to-be has been lying in my atelier for a few months now. I have been quiet on this blog, hoping for the puzzle to solve itself.

What is my next step?

I have returned from my time in Paris and finally found the time to work on my own. I must admit, it has been more challenging than I would like you to know. Every beginning is slow, there are mistakes to correct and changes to be made. This summer, I would love to start selling my hand sewn lingerie. And trust me, I have been working hard to make this a reality.

Will I make it? Stay tuned…