A Belgian in Paris

dirk braeckman

27.1 / 21.7 / 023 / 2014  Dirk Braeckman (http://www.dirkbraeckman.be )

There is a strange sensation that comes with visiting the exhibition of a Belgian photographer in Paris. I felt proud of both his accomplishment and my own nationality. You should know that I am probably not entitled to this emotion,
since I have no connection to the artist himself.

Or do I?

While reading his words, I felt my own thoughts coming together. This is what he said:

“I prefer images that aren’t easily deciphered by the observer. This can be a visual obstacle, a blind spot in the representation
as though somehow, during the creative process, certain details had disappeared, information had been lost, meanings destroyed.
I like this obstructiveness because it forces the observer to rely solely on his own perception.”

This obstruction of sight, this playing with showing and hiding is exactly what I do while designing lingerie.