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Month: December, 2014

Repetition is reputation

ophelialingerie repetition is reputationI heard this quote in an interview with a designer and have been wondering about it ever since.
While walking through the streets of Paris have tried
to get a clear vision on the subject. But I must admit: my head is still clouded.
This question seems too hard to answer.

“When does repetition give you reputation, knowing that reputation makes customers?


when does repetition stand in the way of innovation?”

Having your own unique, yet recognizable, style is something to strive towards, but innovation often loses it’s power
after repetition. So, repetition might make reputation, but innovation is what makes good design.
If only one is possible, I choose to be innovative.


Oh Bonnie

Dear friends, I would like to introduce you to Bonnie Prince Billy. He is an artist in every meaning of the word. I treat his music like a precious piece of clothing that you only wear on special occasions. I don’t want to overlisten or ruin it with the wrong connotations.

A few weeks ago, I was there on his concert in Paris and it was just perfect. Not only did his performance of ‘Break of day’ bring me to tears, he provided me with newfound wisdom:

Go folks, Go forth. Trust your brain, trust your body.”

Confessing color

Ophelia lingerie skin

In Dutch we have a saying “to confess color”, which means to convey your point of view.

Well, my colors say it all.
I am working on my new collection, inspired by skin.

Skin, both yours and mine, is a rich source of inspiration.
Look at the color of the veins, the textures of the wounds, the redness of a blush…

Is it not telling a story?