by ophelialingerie

askandtell ophelialingerie

I have a tendency to have these self-interviews in my head, as a way to organize my thoughts. So this is me, externalizing my inside conversations. Fortunately, this is not all I want to share with you. I asked my friend, and future model, to answer the same questions.

The result is this short parallel ask-and-tell.



Describe Rachel Gruijters in three words.

Compelling, incontrovertibly, heart warming

Quietude, Memories, Personal

Describe Ophelia lingerie in three words.

Essential, feminine, natural

Timeless, Details, Geometry

What is the common ground between the two?

Story (-telling)


What is your first memory as an artist?

Sitting and painting a fish in my parents’ living room when I was five.
I remember taking it very seriously.

It was someones birthday (my brothers, my dads or mine) and everyone was drinking coffee and eating cake.
They were in a circle (apparently this is a very Dutch thing to do at birthdays). I was on the floor, using my spirograph set.
I loved doing that, which is odd, since I’m no good at maths at all. I found it so relaxing that I just fell asleep,
a midst all the people that kept on drinking coffee and kept on eating their cake.