Inspiration II

by ophelialingerie

ophelialingerie gorden matta clark

Lately I have been feeling inspired by the cuttings of Gordon Matta-Clark. He was a rebel, an artist, an architect. By cutting pieces out of abandoned buildings he created patterns and connections.

Later, he showed the pieces as memories of the building. Let’s see this as a metaphor: if your body is a building and lingerie frames that body, these pieces of fabric can be seen as memories of that body.

When you see your lace bra lying next to the bed in the morning, does it not hold all the memories of last night? Does it not still feel like more than any other piece of clothing?

Maybe that is why we feel so close to our lingerie. When we wear it, it becomes a second skin, a part of our bodies. So what happens when we take it off? Does it take a piece with it or does it leave a new layer?