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Month: July, 2014

Inspiration I


There is a lot I love about the Twenties: Art Deco, Surrealism, the Charleston, jazz…

But what inspires me every time is this sense of free feminine sexuality and their willingness to silliness.


The eye

ophelia lingerie the eye

We are now in the eye of the storm.

This look is finished, but the next one is coming soon.

Rain to you

Will it be a perfect storm?



I shot another clip to show you my Storm look.

Some editing will tell if it is an experiment gone good or bad.


Dries van Noten

Last weekend I went to Paris for the Mode City Paris show.

I saw a lot of lingerie and I finally met the brand that I will do an internship with in November.

Nevertheless, the most inspirational thing I saw in Paris was the Dries van Noten exhibition.
The way his inspirations were combined with his designs was unseen.
It not only opened my eyes to his design world, but also renewed my love for the paintings of Michael Borremans.

I will let him lead me to one of my future designs.




Philosophy I can get without understanding.