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Month: May, 2014



The chair is no longer modeling.

So serene and beautiful in Ophelia lingerie, that is a model.


Coming soon

ophelia lingerie

Today I made a video, a commercial, a trailer, an introduction.

If you’re a bird, I’m a bird


Today, it was all about feathers.

On the symposium of the Fashion Museum on ‘Birds of paradise’ I was inspired by the rich history of feathers in fashion. Multiple speakers talked about ostrich feathered fans, rare peacock parasols and the amazing hats by Philip Treacy for Isabella Blow.

The most inspiring lecture was on feathers and fetishism. The ‘vulgarity’ of Hollywood, the castration fear of men, the white feathers as a symbol of pure, non-virgin, sexuality: I feel enlightened.

As soon as I came home, I covered my skin with feathers.

Natural, not dyed, pure.

Driving and arriving

toiles warm

Good lingerie is not merely the result of passion for design. It is the product of craftsmanship.

In this craft there are different vehicles to get to the destination and I like to try out a variety of rides.

I enjoy every step of the process, but there is nothing like arriving in the new world you created.

Thank you, co-divers, enjoy the ride.

Smoking suit

smoking suit

The epitome of loungewear must be this 1920’s smoking suit.

I am not a fan of smoking, but in the twenties this was part of the liberation of women.
For this reason alone it is truly iconic.

This upscale kind of down dressing is still inspiring today and it is the start of a new loungewear look.